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  • Confirmation you have attempted to log out and log back in again.
  • What you see.
  • What you expect to see.
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Frequently asked questions

I cannot see all of my links in the navigation?

To protect your privacy online, if you are away from Energy for Abundance for more than 5 minutes, the system logs you out automatically, meaning you cannot access the links, nor see any of your achievements.

Simply confirm your log out in the navigation and log back in again.

Why is the Energy for Abundance website slow?
The Soul Leader School website is hosted on secure and robust infrastructure. However, sometimes when many users are setting up their accounts at the same time, particularly on the first day, some slowness can occur. Please be patient. Once everyone is signed-in the website will be at maximum performance.
Why do my videos take a long time to download?
Every effort has been made to ensure the videos in the course strike the right balance between quality and speed of download. There are also many variables that can affect playback speeds, including your local internet connection, your internet plan and the country you are in. If your video is slow to download, simply pause it for a while to enable more of the video to load before you play it.
How do I add my photo to my customer profile?

This feature uses a web-service called Gravatar (Globally Recognised Avatar), which tightly integrates with WordPress. You can create your profile at the Gravatar website. Make sure you use the same email address as you use on Energy for Abundance.