Energy for Abundance Program

What if you could share your wildest and most beautiful self in the world and receive back everything you desire, in limitless flow?

Elevating your inner game and becoming open and wired for radical abundance is crucial for you to do your soul work, share your message and have a beautifully wealthy life.

Woman, you’re meant to be desired and loved for your most sacred gifts.

Except, it doesn’t always feel possible to turn this into a reality.

We think we need to work our butt off to get where we desire to be. We put our mind, heart and all our precious energy (hello adrenal fatigue) into chasing goals. We do everything ‘they’ tell us, the programs, the books, the strategies. We pray and chant our wishes like a loyal devotee.

But we just can’t seem to break through, never feeling truly deserving of the wild freedom we dream about.

What holds most women back is their ability to wire themselves for abundance.

Your energetic abundance, where your every cell is aligned and programmed for love and riches, is the number one thing needed to make your dreams real.

When I learnt how to heal and activate my abundance, my whole life transformed. I up-leveled my sacred purpose, shifted to high-end prices, had a wait list of clients, collaborated with amazing women, could afford luxurious business retreats and created a life of freedom and fun for my family.

I activated my infinite wealth.

Programming my energy for abundance transformed my business and life forever

Hi, I'm Melissa, kinesiologist, intuitive coach & energy medicine teacher.

I’ve taught hundreds of passionate women the formula to unlocking their soul’s riches and getting out in the world with their gifts.

But I never used to feel so abundant.

I craved freedom yet was stuck in my poor healer mentality. I was doing beautiful kinesiology work but giving discounts, attracting misaligned clients and struggling to pay my bills. No matter how hard I tried, nothing seemed to change.

They were the scariest years for me; my nervous system was in constant fight or flight! I knew I could create my dreams and yet I had this reverberating doubt that my dreams weren’t possible for me.

I knew if I didn’t move through my fears and unlock the secrets to my abundance, I would never experience the success my soul craved.

So I set using my healing skills and intuitive gifts to understand the deeper science of what holds us back from living our wild, deep potential and receiving everything we desire for it.

And I learnt how to open the floodgates to my riches.

Melissa Sandon dancing on a beach

Introducing the
Energy for Abundance Program

An online, Do-It-Yourself energy program to up-level your abundance consciousness, heal your pain, transform your energy and open yourself to unlimited wealth and abundance.

This course takes you through the science and wisdom of your soul, teaching you the energetic and practical principles of abundance so that you are free to unleash your brilliance and live your purpose.

In this program, I give you the exact steps I used to transform my entire life; to pay off my debt, become booked out with ideal clients and create a business and life of freedom.

This is for you if you’re ready to:

Bullet point Heal layers of unresolved emotions and heaviness

Bullet point Rewire limiting belief systems and expand possibilities

Bullet point Align your whole energy system to be a magnet for abundance

Bullet point Reconnect with the riches of your soul

Bullet point Awaken your inner playful goddess, who is free to be wild and be loved

It is time to deeply heal your wealth and your right to receive riches for your brilliance.

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Together, we’ll journey through the four soul-truths of abundance.

Module 1

Acknowledge who you really are

  • Healing the old pain that locks-limiting belief
  • The science of emotional release
  • Knowing the devine value of your soul's purpose
  • Elevating and pricing your true value
  • Accepting abundance consciousness
  • Learn to value your energy instead of leaking it out

Module 2

Beam out your light

  • Speaking our truth to activate abundance
  • How to unleash your highest vibrational signal
  • How comparison kills your brilliance & your abundance
  • Letting yourself be seen & heard for your brilliance
  • Staying in your own brilliance
  • Doing the work of your soul, despite your resistance

Module 3

Be magnetic and receive

  • Accessing the radiance and magnetism within you
  • Opening to the possibility of receiving
  • Redefining your worth and deservedness to receive
  • Satiating yourself, receiving form within
  • Making the space to receive and clearing out your energetic container
  • Upping your vibration to welcome in beautiful things

Module 4


  • Choosing to declare your abundance
  • Feeling and playing in the unknown
  • Your right to receive support and ask for grace
  • The commanding power of your soul
  • Your soul is the ultimate creatrix
  • Staying devoted to your soul
Jenna Ward
Jenna Ward
Energy for Aubandance is revolutionary. Every single time the teachings and tools are profoundly spot-on and continue to upgrade my personal and biz worth. Everything Melissa does should have a warning with it…. THIS WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE.

Free Bonus

Practitioner-level energy medicine training on how to activate and balance your energy field (valued $2000)
Soul Centre healing manual & Abundance healing deck

Learn my most potent healing processes, become a light-worker and bring your intuitive skills into your life and business

As a special bonus, I’ll be sharing never-seen-before research on your Soul Centres, the deepest energetic centres of your being, responsible for channeling your soul light into the world.

This is an advanced healing course on how to activate your Soul Centres for abundance and is usually kept for my high-end training programs.

I’m including this FREE $2000 training as a bonus because I know how powerfully it can shift old patterns of lack and activate abundance. I want you to ignite your intuitive gifts and learn how to heal and balance your own energy.

This is the part of the training that excites the pants off me. It’s the beginning of what I believe is a part of my legacy. To train budding lightworkers, healers, coaches, creatives, lovers and mothers to hold sacred space for others and to work their soul magic as a leader.

Bonus 1

Practitioner-level energy medicine training

Bonus 1

  • Video training on how to activate and balance your energy field
  • Learn new healing skills and energetically elevate your abundance with your own intuitive gifts
  • Learn the kinesiology art of muscle monitoring
  • Be inspired to explore how you can incorporate those gifts into business and life

Bonus 2

Soul centres for abundance - Healing manual + healing cards

  • Receive exclusive and practitioner-level research on the Soul Centres
  • Journey through these Soul Centres and how to leverage them for abundance
  • Deepen your understanding of the Soul Centres and use them in your work with the comprehensive healing manual
  • Use the Abundance healing cards intuitively to tap into the subconscious wisdom of the body

Bonus 2

Single payment


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Click ‘Buy Now’ and you’ll get immediate access to:

  • 4 modules on the energetic science of abundance, including training videos, notes and mp3 audio downloads
  • Energetic cellular healing process for abundance
  • Closed facebook group to connect and process your healing journey with kindred spirits and share about your intuitive gifts
  • Energy medicine training to teach you how to channel abundance through your body
  • A never seen before healing model of the soul centres of the human being. High-end practitioner training adapted to suit the beginner intuitive
  • A set of soul centre healing cards to illuminate abundance issues and truths
Susana Frioni
Susana Frioni
Working with Melissa has been one of my most profound, insightful, transformative and nurturing experiences.
Christine Hira
Christine Hira
This course was just incredible. It has helped me to unearth old beliefs, discover who I really am and illuminate my soul's path. After giving birth to my daughter, I felt as if the old me was destroyed in the birthing process. Energy for Abundance has helped me begin to discover and rebuild a new me and I am so excited for this woman I am becoming. Melissa is a beautiful soul and the teachings in her course are such a exhilarating breath of fresh air. I could not recommend Energy for Abundance highly enough.
Kim Somerville
Kim Somerville
I whole heartedly recommend working with Melissa through the Energy for Abundance course. The decision to sign up to the course was a really easy one to make. Once I took that first step, I was in - contributing wholeheartedly to the Facebook group, the workbooks and upgrading, the weekly circles and fortnightly one on one sessions with Melissa. I should also point out that I have a job in the corporate world and will continue to work in that area - just with more intuition than I had before! Big thanks and love to Melissa for all her support and guidance over the years. To those of you that are considering the course, don't over think it (something I can be guilty of) follow that feeling within, take the leap and say yes!!

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Liz Hynd
Liz Hynd
Melissa is a Goddess who is captivating, exudes the most glorious energy and has such a powerful, potent presence. She is someone who 'owns it' and brings soul to everything she does.
Eloise Meskanan
Eloise Meskanan
This course is absolutely life-changing and soon to be world-changing. If you know there's brilliance inside of you, but you've been unable to share it with the world in the way you want, and receive the money you want in exchange, then this course is for YOU. It'll put you on your path to expressing your gifts and receiving the financial abundance you have always desired. If you've spent years healing yourself, but never really getting through the major blocks in your way, you need to know about the Soul Centres ~ they're game-changing. If you show up and do the work in Energy for Abundance, you'll clear your deepest soul-level blocks and watch in wonder as your life and abundance are rearranged before your eyes. I cannot recommend this course, or Melissa's genuine, nurturing and fierce leadership, highly enough. Your decision to invest in this program will be one of the best you have ever made. You will come away with not only a more intimate relationship with your abundance, but a deeper connection to your intuition and the tools to keep healing yourself for life. I am so grateful for everything this course has taught me and look forward to seeing Melissa rock thousands of lives worldwide with this!
Riss Carlyon
Riss Carlyon
Being in Melissa's presence is magnetic. Her very being is abundant. She will take you on a wondrous adventure where you meet up with the best and the most audacious parts of yourself! The alchemy you will experience with her work is BIG, she knows how to let your soul speak & how to access the energy in your body that is seeking transformation.

Self-responsibility and refund policy

Self-responsibility and refund policy

Are you ready to change your life in a sacred and sustainable way?

Woman, I know how much love & energy you put into living your dreams and I also know how painful and frustrating it is to keep coming up against the same old patterns and feeling like you can’t break through. It’s time to heal and open to the riches that are your birthright.

This is not a get rich quick scheme (aren’t we all sick of hearing how many figures we can earn in so little time?) nor will it tell you what abundance should look like to you. This program is designed for you understand how to fulfill your wildest potential and to rewire your energy field to become an open channel for love and riches.

Healing your abundance is a journey. No one or no thing can magic your life for you. This program is about taking the deeper road and getting to the core of why your energetic body is not open for abundance, where you will learn to hold your presence, upgrade abundance consciousness and do the work of your soul.

If you commit to this journey and do the work, your life will transform.

For this reason, I do not offer a refund for this program.

You will get instant access to all of the materials and letting yourself stay present with the work of healing is the whole point of this program.

This course is for you if you’re:

  • Ready to welcome wild levels of abundance into every cell of your being
  • Want to do your soul work and share your gifts
  • Are tired of working and pushing so hard to feel good and are ready to surrender to an easier way
  • Know that you’re ready for radical energetic activation
  • Are open to spiritual and energetic concepts
  • Ready to take personal responsibility for your state of being
  • Ready to heal old emotions and let go of old ideas Ready to show up, stay present and do the work
  • Want to learn an innovative healing model to use in your own work and practice
Carly Stephen
Carly Stephen
Working with Melissa has been a GODDESS-send with a capital G. Mel radiates pure love, presence, care and wisdom, and has been a treasured doula for me - helping me to birth realisations, epiphanies, and crystal clear clarity in to the world.
Jacqueline Palazzo
Jacqueline Palazzo
I received so much more than I thought I'd signed up for, in this course. The soul work has been invaluable - I am more connected to my soul, to her desires and needs; and her POWER. I’ve been working with the Soul Centres in sessions with my clients and the results have been incredible.

I'm living more authentically, from a place of deep connection and alignment with my truth. I've learned the art of honouring my soul, and the incredible ripple effect this has on all aspects of my life. I’ve realised the true value of the work I do and what I have to offer the world. As an inherently shy person, I’ve always struggled with marketing myself. My expression has become unblocked and my voice has been set free, as a result of this work.

I am so grateful for having found you Melissa and this incredible tribe of women!! This course has been absolutely life-changing.

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Portrait of Melissa

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While I offer my most sincere guarantee on the power of this work, your personal and financial situation is your loving responsibility. This course does not give personal, professional or medical advice. This program and all the information it contains is based on my personal experience and journey which I am sharing for educational and informational purposes only.

Melissa Sandon assumes no responsibility or liability for any consequence resulting directly or indirectly from any action or inaction you take based on the information found on or material linked to on this site.